Pirate Fail?

Personally, I call that a Pirate Win. That wheel is awesome!

British Cruise Ship Passenger Fights off Pirates with Deck Chair

From Fox News:

A British vacationer is being hailed a hero after he thwarted gun-toting pirates attacking a cruise ship — by throwing a deck chair at them.

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Wow! I guess the Pirates roll badly on their Boarding roll. ;)

(Sea) Monsters vs Alie..er..Pirates

Last week’s Pirates game went very well. There were 3 players, lots of Sea Monsters, and lots of fun!

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Friday Project: Pirates/Sailpower Playmat

About a week ago, I tried an experiment. At my office, we had a couple of vinyl banners that had been printed incorrectly on the large plotter, and were cut off on one side. Normally, those would be thrown out, but by coincidence, the banners were just about 3′x3′…a perfect size for Pirates. Continue Reading »

Sailpower! Arr!

Recently, I had the opportunity to try a new game: Sailpower. It’s a ship-to-ship combat game, similar to Pirates, but at a larger scale. And, it’s a lot of fun!

I ran through a quick demo with Dave, a member of the Sailpower demo crew. I was given a British 8-cannon ship (the ship on the right in the picture), and Dave took a similar, American ship. Both ships had approximately 48 crew (I don’t recall the exact number), which could be assigned to either Aloft (in the rigging), on Deck, Repair, ready for Boarding, or Below. Crew on the Deck could be assigned to the Cannons (in groups of 2 or 4), and there was a chance during combat that an enemy shot would take out a Cannon, along with it’s crew. There was also a chance of rolling badly, and a Cannon would blow up, taking it’s crew with it.

I had lots of fun with the game, and I can see a lot of possibilities. I’m still learning, and it’s going to take me a while to wrap my head around the rules.

If anyone else is interested in trying out the same, there will be a Sailpower game at the Soldiery on Sunday, April 19th at 2pm.

Big Sailpower Game

Pirates News Coming Soon?

This was just posted on the SaveHeroClix.com website:

Hey Gang,

We should have some firmer updates later this week or early next.  I spoke with my contact at Topps on Friday, and a few decisions still have to be made on the WizKids front.  I should have some updates once those decisions are wrapped up.



Along with that, someone post a comment here on this blog that an agreement was being signed for the online Pirates game. My thought is that if they are going to continue the online game, then there is a good chance that they are going to continue the tabletop version as well.

Still no word on WHO is going to publish Pirates, or when, but hopefully the future of Pirates will be clearer in another week or two.

If Darth Vader was a Pirate…

…this would be his ship.
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More News About a Pirates?: ‘HeroClix’ Deal Near (ICV2)

This message was posted to ICV2 late Sunday night:

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Is There Hope for Pirates?

It’s been nearly 3 months since Topps shut down WizKids and discontinued all of it’s game lines, including Pirates. I know a lot of players have given up on the game continuing, and have moved on. But, there might be some hope for us hard-core players who have stuck with the game.

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Aww, Isn’t that Cute!

You gotta start those lil’ pirates out right.

Very Cute, though.I wish I had something like this when my son was littler.

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