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January Pirates Events at the Soldiery


Here be the event for the coming month at the Soldiery in Columbus, Ohio

January 7th – 7pm: Pirate Racing – 60pt

This is an 60pt, multi-player game. Ships, Equipment and crew from any nationality or set are allowed. You fleet is limited to TWO ships (and one flotilla, if wanted). No UT or Events are allowed. Sea Dragons are also not allowed. The race course is a large loop. The winner will be the owner of the first ship to dock at the starting island after going around the Wild Island at the far end of the course.

January 14th – 7pm: Last Captain Standing – 90pt

This will be a 90pt, constructed, Last Captain Standing game. Each play is to bring a 90pt fleet, using any combination of sets and nationalities. At least one ship in your fleet must be a Submarine/Sea Monster or Sea Dragon (extra Subs/Sea Monsters and Sea Dragons will be available for loan to players without subs). They also can bring 3 islands (one Home Island and 2 Wild Islands), and up to 2 terrain pieces. Trade Currents cannot be placed before the start of play, but can be placed normally later. No Events are allowed for this game. The game will end when there is only one player left with action-able ships/crew, or we run out of time. The winner of this event will receive a special prize.

January 21st – 7pm: Big Freeze Part II – 40pt

This will be a standard, 40pt, multi-round tournament. Players can bring a 40pt fleet, using pieces from any nationality or set, along with 8 gold coins worth 15 gold. Events and Unique Treasures are allowed. There will be one special rule: each time a ship or crew is given an action, roll a d6. On a 5 or 6, 2 Iceberg terrain pieces are placed anywhere in the play area, but not closer than L from any ship, terrain or island. The winners of the night will be the player with the most total gold after all rounds, and the player who knocked off the most masts/sank the most ships.

January 28th – 7pm: Price on Yer Head – 60pt

This is a constructed event. Each player is to bring a 60pt fleet, from any combination of nationalities or sets. Each fleet MUST have one crew member costing at least 6pts. This crew has a bounty on their head. That crew starts the game face up on a ship (chosen by the owner). Unloading the crew onto their Home Island is prohibited, but unloading the crew onto a Wild Island is allowed. The goal of the game is to earn the bounty of the other player’s crew, while protecting their own wanted crew. Wanted crew can be captured normally(Boarding, captured, etc), and if unloaded on the capturing crew’s Home Island, are worth their cost in gold. Alternately, sinking a ship with a Wanted crew gains the attacking player half the crew’s value in gold (round down). Earned gold is deposited on the player’s Home Island, and is vulnerable to home island raiders… The winner will be the player with the most gold on their Home Island at the end of the night.

See you there!

Steal the Privateer’s Gold!

On August 20th, because it was my birthday, I ran a special event: Steal the Privateer’s Gold. Each player had 30pts to build a gold-stealing fleet. I, as the Privateer in question, had 100pts to defend my island from my opponents. There was only gold on my Island (no Uts), and we ruled that you could load gold immediately upon docking (no Explorers needed). We had 4 players (besides myself), so it was a pretty equal match.

Privateer Island 1

I had been hoping for more players, and because I wanted the players to have a fighting chance, I used an extra large island (which meant I had more area to guard). My fleet had 3 ships: The Zeus, Lady’s Scorn, and the Sea Dragon Angelica. Basically, I used a combination of Lord Mycron and Emperor Blackheart to give Angelica 2 or 3 actions per turn. Her job was to take out the smaller gold runners, and any submarines. The larger ships were left for the Zeus to deal with.

Two players had fleets with subs, so there were 4 submarines sneaking toward my island. Unfortunately, I moved Angelica too close to a small enemy ship, rolled badly and missed my Swoop Attack roll. That left the Sea Dragon vulnerable, and the rest of that enemy fleet pounced and sank her. 4 Subs, waiting for an openingAnd, since she was my only way of dealing with submerged subs, the 4 subs were able to stop just offshore of my island and wait for an opening.

In the end, we came down to a stalemate: the subs couldn’t un-submerge, since the Zeus was sitting close, and I couldn’t do anything to the subs. So, I ended up moving the Zeus a short distance away, to take care of a small gold runner. All 4 subs popped up and loaded gold from my island. Then, I lucked out and got 3 actions on the Zeus, which allowed me to sink 3 of the 4 subs. We called the game then because of time.

I think that the players would have done better if there had been more of them, or if they had coordinated their actions better. If I run this scenario again, I’ll probably cut down teh amount of points that the Privateer gets, or make some sort of sliding scale for balance.

Gentlemen, Start Your Sails: Pirate Racing!

Recently, we had a special Pirates event: Pirate Racing. The rules for the event were:

  • Bring a 50pt fleet. All ships must be of the same nationality, although crew can be from any faction, following normal assignment rules.
  • All ships MUST race. You cannot leave any ships docked at your Home Island.
  • The race course (see image below) is a relatively straight channel with a loop at the end. Ships need to race up to the far end, go around the island, and then come back and dock at their Home Island. The First ship to Dock back at their Home Island wins!
  • Any ships automatically have the Eternal keyword. If they are sunk during the race, they appear docked at their Home Island with any crew they had on board. Crew eliminated through other means (sacrificed, eliminated through enemy action, thrown overboard) do not re-appear.
  • Sea Dragons are not allowed in the event. Also, other ship “teleport” abilities, like those of the El Dorado and Harbinger, are also not allowed.

The race course looked like this:

Pirates Racing Course

We had 6 players, counting myself. After rolling off to see which Home Island we started at, the competitors were off! Continue Reading »

Savage Shores Sneak Peek


Savage Shores logo

There have been a couple of “unofficial” bits released on the WizKids forums about the next Pirates set, Savage Shores. The set is due out in September, although WizKids has been very hush-hush about it.

Continue Reading »

Ok, so the prison won! (Review of the Prison Break Scenario)

Last Wednesday, we ran the Prison Break scenario that I posted earlier. While the scenario was good in concept, in play things went downhill very quickly.

Here's the Prison Island and the surrounding Islands

First off, we randomly picked a Fort from the ones that Privateer had, and ended up with El Castillo del Infanta, which has 5 4L cannons. Now, those cannons don’t sound very good, but in play, we found that you were likely to get hit by at least one or two when you docked at the Prison Island.

An overhead shot of the Prison Islands

We also made some mistakes and underestimated the deadliness of 2 Marines on each surrounding island. Each Marine has a 2S cannon, and we decided that as soon as a ship got within range, then at the end of that players turn the player to their right would get to roll for the Marines and choose where to shoot. Those 2S cannons hit quite a bit in the first round, so after everyone had a chance to act once, we eliminated one Marine from each island. Even so, those Marine were very effective..that is, until we started shooting back at then and killing then off.

Everyone swarms toward the Prison, not knowing what's to comeAnother mistake we made was that the surrounding island were too close to the Prison Island, which led to some nasty traffic jams. And, since some ships were stuck and couldn’t move away, they got shot again by the Prison and Marines. By the end of the game, there were lots of derelict ships.

Prison Break 4We finally ended the game when one player has lost or had made derelict both of her ships. At that point, no one had been able to unload crew on their Home Island. In fact, no one had really left the Prison with any crew, although one player was able to steal crew from several derelict ships, and had 9pts of crew on board.

Things are getting tight!I would like to try this scenario again with a few changes:

  • Only one Marine per Island, and possibly it only shoots once per round (after all players have acted).
  • The surrounding Islands need to be farther out, maybe 2S or even 3S from the Prison.
  • The Prison can also only shoot once per round, and only at ships that are docked. Shots could be spread evenly.

Traffic Jam!

How things ended up at the end of the game

One of the players had a suggestion of having multiple Prisons, but I’m not sure that would work due to space limitations, especially if I spread the Islands out. But, I have an idea in a similar vein (“Sorry, your Princess is in the other castle“) that might work. I’ll post that scenario once I get it fleshed out.

Prison Break – a Pirates Scenario

This is a scenario for any number of players. Each player brings a fleet consisting of 30pts of ships and 15 pts of crew from any combination of sets and nationalities. No 0pt crew or Events are allowed.

The crew is placed onto/into a Fort on a Wild Island 4L from any player’s Home Island. This represents the Prison, although normal Fort rules apply and the Fort can shoot at nearby ships. Around this island, at a distance of about S, are 4-6 other Wild Islands. Each of these islands has 2 Marines who will shoot at any ship within their range.

The goal of the game is to dock at Prison Island, load a number of crew, and get then home. Each time a ship docks at the Prison, roll one die. The number rolled is the number of random crew that ship may load (up to its available cargo space). For this scenario, generic crew (Captain, Helmsman, etc) can be used on any ship, but named crew (Luis Zuan, Hermoine Gold, etc) can only be used on ships that match their nationality, or ships that have the “Crew of any nationality can use their abilities on this ship” ability.

Players are also able to get a “pardon” for one of their crew. If one of their ships is able to shoot and sink an opposing player’s ship that has escaping crew on board, then that ship is able to dock at the Prison and load ONE crew of their choice. Until that ship un-docks with the Prison, the Fort or Marines will not shoot at it.

Each crew that is unloaded on a player’s Home Island is worth its point cost in gold. The first player to get 15pts of crew (either theirs or their opponents) onto their Home Island wins.

Nickels and Dimes – A Pirates Scenario

Nickels and Dimes - A Pirates ScenarioThis past Wednesday, I came up with a new scenario to run called Nickels and Dimes. The idea was that each player (we had 3, including myself) would start out with 30pts of ships, and 15pts of crew. Crew was initially NOT loaded onto any ships, and 0pt crew were disallowed. As each player was able to get gold back to their Home Island, they would be able to “buy/hire” crew on a 1 gold=1 point basis. Crew could be loaded face down, but the money spent had to be announced. To make sure there was enough gold, I increased the normal starting amounts to 12 pieces totaling 24 gold. Continue Reading »

Whitebeard Must Die!

Arr Everyone!

Sorry about the lack of updates. Things got kind of busy in both my personal and professional lives, and so I haven’t had a lot of time to post to this blog. Hopefully, things will cool down in the future.

But, I had to post about last night’s Pirates game “Whitebeard is Coming to Town!” The Privateer played Whitebeard (aka Santa), along with 2 Viking Longboat “reindeer”. Her goal was to touch each of the Wild Islands, and leave a number of gold coins on each. The players goal was to grab as much gold as possible. Continue Reading »

Too Many Icebergs! (or How My Pirates Scenario: Icebound Went)

On Wednesday, August 1, 2007, I ran a Pirates scenario called Icebound! Here’s the description:

The Spanish treasure ship, El Toreador, ran aground during a late winter storm. Since that fateful night, the ship has been icebound, and nearly abandoned by her crew. But, the ice is starting to thaw…

El Toreador (represented by any 4+ masted Spanish ship) starts the game as a wreck on a hidden spur of rock, and surrounded by 5-6 icebergs, all touching the hull of the ship. An additional ring of icebergs (~6-8) starts out 2L away from the first ring. Place 2 Marines onto the ship to represent the guards that the Spanish left on the ship. They will shoot at the nearest (or docked) ship at the end of each round (after all players have acted).

The Marines cannot be targeted, and the ship cannot be towed or sunk. Place 4 coins totaling 8 gold from each player (UTs allowed) onto the ship. Players bring a 40pt, nationally pure fleet to try to bring home as much gold as they can. Normal victory and game ending conditions are in effect.

We made one addition to the posted rules:

Icebergs can be moved by shooting at them. Two hits are required to move an iceberg away from the shooting ship.

Of the 4 players in the game, 3 played Pirates (including me), and one played an American fleet.To the left, you can see the 40pt Pirate fleet that I played.

Typically, I play a Spanish fleet for this scenario, but I wanted a change this time, so I put together the Pirate fleet. My plan was to have the Banshee’s Cry zip up to the El Toreador, grab some treasure (or potentially get hit by bad Unique Treasures) and zip away. The Blood Jewel and the Darkhawk II could follow in later.

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out like I planned…

Well, the first problem was that there were TOO MANY ICEBERGS! There were 6 icebergs touching the El Toreador, and there was a ring of about 20 more around the ship. And, several icebergs moved on each players turn, so damage was inevitable.

Early in the game, I tried to sneak the Banshee’s Cry up to the wrecked ship. There was a narrow gap between 2 icebergs, and I hoped that I could slip through. But, on one of the other players turns, one of the icebrgs slammed into the Cry, knocked off it’s only mast and derelict her. :(

It took a while until the icebergs had cleared a bit, but I was finally able to get the Darkhawk and Jewel up close to the wreck. Then, by pushing an iceberg out of the way (by shooting it), I was able to access the El Toreador. I loaded up the Darkhawk, and then got some treasure onto the Jewel, and got away from any nearby icebergs before getting slammed. The DH got hit a couple of times by the Marines, though.

USS Mercury, American submarineWhile I was dodging icebergs, the player of the American fleet decided to go after one of the Pirate fleets. His fleet had a decent gunship in it, and the USS Mercury submarine. So, the two of them spent most of the game running around and shooting at each other.

The remaining player was able to get one of her ships, the Darkhawk, up to the wreck and got some of the treasure. her ship took a couple of hits from icebergs and the Marines, and only had one mast left. But, she ended up with enough treasure to put her in second place (behind me).

Because I was privateering this event, I wasn’t able to “win”, so the second place player got the winning prize. All of the players were able to get a special Limited Edition ships, and everyone had fun.

Next weeks game is Battle for the Spanish Main, a 100pt free-for-all gun battle. That scenario is always fun.


Last night’s PotSM scenario, Icebound!, went pretty well. Including me, we only had 3 players, but that meant that we were able to accomplish quite a bit, and finish the game (all the gold had been gathered).

The scenario’s description was “The Spanish treasure ship, El Toreador, ran aground during a late winter storm. Since that fateful night, the ship has been icebound, and nearly abandoned by her crew. But, the ice is starting to thaw…

The Toreador (represented by any 4+ masted Spanish ship) starts the game derelict, and surrounded by 5-6 icebergs, all touching the hull of the ship. An additional ring of icebergs (~6-8) starts out 2L away from the first ring. Place 2 Marines onto the ship to represent the guards that the Spanish left on the ship. They will shoot at the nearest (or docked) ship at the end of each round (after all players have acted). The Marines can be targeted as normal. Place 4 coins totalling 8 gold from each player (UTs allowed) onto the ship.

Players bring a 40pt, nationally pure fleet to try to bring home as much gold as they can. Normal victory and game ending conditions are in effect.

The del Sol was my treasure runner, and on it first turn, I doubled my move and was able to move 6S and touch the wreck. Next turn, I Explored, and found Fruit (takes 2 space, can’t get rid of it), Odin’s Revenge (all ships lose a mast), Monkey’s Paw, Poseidon’s Breath, and a 4 gold piece. Unfortunately, that was the only gold I was able to get, because between the other players fleets (one Cursed, one Pirate), the 2 Marines on the wreck, and the icebergs, the del Sol was derelicted and repaired several times.

My El Monte Cristo didn’t do so hot, but it was able to keep the Cursed players big Longship, the Loki’s Revenge, busy while I took the del Sol home and unloaded the gold. Eventually, the Loki’s Revenge’s double actions and the icebergs took their toll, and the El Monte Cristo sank.

Once the del Sol had completely repairs all it’s masts, I revealed Poseidon’s Breath, which allowed me to move my base move tiems the number of masts I had. The del Sol has 4, so I was able to move 12S! If I had rolled my same-action-twice, I could have moved 15S, but 12S was enough for me to move and dock on the far side of the wreck from the Revenge. Unfortunately, the LR took the remaining gold and UTs on the ship and headed home.

My del Sol didn’t have a captain, and the guns really suck on the ship, so going after the Revenge was pointless. But, the Cursed player had another ship, the Tarantula. So, on my last turn, I rammed the little ship and did absolutely nothing! I didn’t roll well enough to remove a mast, and we tied on boarding rolls, so nothing

The Pirate player used an interesting tactic. He had 2 ships in his fleet, the Harbinger and the El Dorado. Both ships have the ability “You own any derelict this ship explores; both ships become docked at your home island. ” What he did was load some gold from the wreck, and then wait for the Marines to derelict one of his ships. He then used the other ship to Explore the derelict, and both ships appeared at his home port. It made transporting the gold back very nice, and he got lucky and grabbed the majority of the gold.

Overall, the scenario went well. We had lots of iceberg movement, but surprisingly, no one played any icebreakers. Instead, we were able to remove icebergs by shooting them twice…which meant that on more than one occasion, we missed. How do you miss an iceberg? the game could be livened up with more players…and maybe more icebergs. :)

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