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Is There Hope for Pirates?

It’s been nearly 3 months since Topps shut down WizKids and discontinued all of it’s game lines, including Pirates. I know a lot of players have given up on the game continuing, and have moved on. But, there might be some hope for us hard-core players who have stuck with the game.

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Savage Shores Sneak Peek #3

WizKids has posted a third Sneak Peak for Savage Shores, and Woelf has posted a few clarifications in the forums.

First, the new action-ship in the set is called the Hoist. The Maui’s Fishhook ship that I mentioned in my last post is this type. Unfortunately, still no word on what exactly this keyword does.

Another new keyword to show up in this set is Dories. This keyword allows your ship to unload gold when you are S away from your Home Island; a very good ability for the 10 masted Mercenary junks (see below).

One of the new 10 masted junks in this set is the Mercenary ship Celtic Fury. Costing 25pts, and capatined by Eileen Brigid O’Brien, this ship should prove to be a formidable challenge to your opponent. The ship comes with a cargo hold of 7, and the combo of ship and captain has the abilities of Dories, Born Leader (5 or 6 for same action twice), Hostile: England, Ex-Patriot, and gets a +1 to it’s cannons rolls vs English ships.

A new Sea Monster, the Ophidious, has been posted. This 4 segment creature with 4 cannons, moves L+S, and costs just 12pts. For this, you get the Eternal keyword, and the unfortunate ability that if an enemy successfully boards this sea monster, they can “steal” one of it’s segments. The segment can then be unloaded on their Home Island for 2 gold. But, effectively used, this Sea Monster could be a useful addition to your fleet.

Something really new in this set is Native Canoes and Cheiftans. I’m a bit confused on exactly how these new units work, but from the WizKids previews and discussions elsewhere, the Cheiftan keyword gives you 5 Native Canoes that start docked at a Wild Island. Each canoe is fast, with a speed of at least S+S, and at least 1 cargo space. They cannot explore on the first turn, can’t be assigned crew, can’t ram or be rammed, board or be boarded, pin or be pinned, and sink as soon as they are hit. The loophole here is that you could assign Fireshot/Exploding Shot equipment to a bunch of canoes and swarm a larger foe, hoping that a few would survive the foes initial attack (since the canoes don’t have Captains). Supposedly, the Native Canoes have abilities of their own, as do the Cheiftans, so we will have to wait and see how useful these new ships are.

for an extra boost of speed, there is a new Unique Treasure called the Frond of Fisaga. You can reveal it when you give the ship it on a Move action, on a roll of 5 or 6, you get +L+L to you base move. The downside is that on a roll of 1 or 2, the Frond is spirited away by the wind and lands, face down, on the nearest Wild Island.

The new set comes out tomorrow, so at least we wont have to wait long to see the exact wording of the new units.

Savage Shore Sneak Peaks

We’re are less than a week away from the next Pirates release: Savage Shores. WizKids has posted 2 (yes 2!) sneak peeks of the new set in the past week. In addition, ICV2 posted some info about the new sets and ships.

Savage Shores logoSavage Shores is going to be released in “scavenger pack” boxes, not in boosters. In the box are the equivalent of 3 Savage Shores boosters (between 6-12 ships and crew), 1 Fire & Steel booster, 1 Rise of the Fiends booster, one of 6 preconstructed megaships (visible), and 1 card of one of the two 10 masted junks. Luckily, the cards for the 10 masted junks are matched with the megaships, so if you buy 6 packs (one of each megaship), you will have all 6 cards for both 10 masted junks. This also means that if you are only interested in one of the 10 masters, you can collect only the 3 packs that have cards to that ship.

Let’s look at the ships that have been revealed in the new set.

The Ships:
French WindcatcherLibuelle is a French Windcatcher with a move of S+L, a cargo hold of 6, 3 cannons, and costs only 9pts. Between her speed, cargo hold and cost, she’d be a good gold-runner, but her special ability is that she sinks when she loses her last mast. To keep her away from your opponent’s gunships, I’d put a Helmsman on her so that she can sail away quickly from danger, and include the Event Raft in you fleet build to save any gold and crew in case she sinks. Also, you could have the Libuelle tow the French flotilla Mont Blanc to make your opponent think twice about attacking her.

France also gets the L’épée De L’ange (Angel’s Sword). This 4 masted ship only has 3 cargo spaces (but has a linked captain, see below), 2 and 2 cannons, and a move of L. At 17pts, this ship cannons can’t eliminated (although her mast still can be.) She is linked to Baudouin Deleflote, who not only has the Captain keyword, he has the ability to give any ship in your fleet 2 actions (as long as you don’t give an action to the ship he is on), which is a great ability. Although the combo is pricey at 26pts, especially in 40pt games, it might make a nice addition to a French fleet in larger point games.

There are at least 2 new Turbine ships in the new set: the Valeroso for the Spanish, and the Soul Crusher for the Cursed.

The Valeroso costs just 13pts, moves L, has 5 cargo spaces, and has 2 and 1 cannons. WizKids has not released if this ship has any additional special ability besides the Turbine keyword, although at the low cost for this ship, it is doubtful to be a really useful ability.

There isn’t a lot of information about the other Turbine in the set, the Soul Crusher. This ship costs 21pts and has 3 short range #3 cannons. No word yet on cargo space, special ability or speed. I’m hoping that this ship is at least as fast as the Grinder (from Fire & Steel), because I would love to make an all Cursed, all Turbine fleet.

The Pirates get a new Catamaran, the Cannibal King. At 13pts, with a move of L, 5 cargo spaces, 2 guns, and the ability to take treasure on a successful boarding party, this ship is pretty nice.

The HMS Silent Swan is a new English schooner with 2 cannons, and just 2 cargo spaces. But, her base move of S+S is enhanced by her special ability that allows her to add +S to her base move when she is within S of an enemy ship. At just 10pts, add a Captain and Helmsman (or combo, like Hermione Gold), and you’d have a very fast and cheap hit and run gunship.

ICV2 previewed a couple of new ships, but unfortunately, didn’t list any stats. So, here’s what I’ve been able to infer:

First is the Maui’s Fishhook. This is one of the new “action ships” in the set, and it has a double articulated arm on the front of the ship. It costs 21pts, and has 3 masts (all ). My guess is that the hook works a bit like the Scorpion‘s blade, so that if you can move the hook arm to touch any ship after moving, you can steal either treasure, crew, or cargo from any enemy that it touches.

The Speedy Return is an American Double Catamaran. No information on special ability, speed, or cargo space, but we do know that it has 2 and 1 cannons, and a cost of just 13 points, which is 2pts cheaper than the other Double Catamaran in the game, Polaris.

Overall, Savage Shores looks to be an interesting addition to the Pirates line. At least we don’t have long to wait to see how useful the new ships and crew will be.

Savage Shore: Scavenger Pack Back Cover Image

Savage Shores Scavenger Pack - BackAn image of the back cover of the Scavenger Pack has been leaked (on left, click for larger view). The image shows the two send-away 10 masted ships, the Celtic Fury (in green) and the Shui Xian (in purple/gold).

Both ships are nice looking, with bold colors, but I’m really going to have to see the stats on them before I try mailing away for them. I’m in Pirates to play, and unless a ship has playability value, I’m not interested in it.

More Island Sneak Peeks for Savage Shores

Kelly Bonilla, former Game Designer at WizKids, has let out a couple of sneak peeks of several of the new islands in the upcoming Savage Shores set. I posted about one island a few days ago, and Kelly has let slip a few more. Continue Reading »

Savage Shores Sneak Peek


Savage Shores logo

There have been a couple of “unofficial” bits released on the WizKids forums about the next Pirates set, Savage Shores. The set is due out in September, although WizKids has been very hush-hush about it.

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PotCS: Fire&Steel – Equipment

One of the more interesting additions that Fire & Steel brings to Pirates of the Cursed Seas is Equipment. These pieces, costing just 1pt each, work a bit like Unique Treasures, but you can install them onto a ship at the beginning of the game instead of putting them into the treasure pool (where an opponent could get them). Continue Reading »

PotCS: Fire & Steel Sneak Peek – Raptor Maw

Here is a sneak peek of a new Sea Dragon from Fire & Steel, the Raptor Maw! Continue Reading »

PotCS: Fire & Steel – Bombardier Ships

The next expansion for Pirates of the Cursed Seas, Fire & Steel, is due out on April 9th. One of the new pieces in this expansion is the Bombardier, a ship with a fiery cannon on it’s bow. Here’s the keyword description:

Bombardier. This ship has a special bombardier cannon that is not associated with a mast and can’t be eliminated or targeted by effects. Before the game begins, announce whether the bombardier cannon will be an artillery cannon (using the artillery cannon piece) or a flamestrike cannon (add the flame piece onto the artillery cannon piece); this choice can’t change once the game begins. Use the range/rank die printed on the artillery cannon piece for both the artillery cannon and the flamestrike cannon. Equipment (see my next post – Ed) abilities can’t affect shots made by a bombardier cannon.

The artillery cannon has the Double Shot keyword.

The flame portion of the flamestrike cannon physically measures S, so you can use it to measure range to enemy ships. When a flamestrike cannon hits, replace one of the target’s masts with a fire mast. If the cannon roll for either version of the bombardier cannon is a 1, the cannon jams and can’t be used again until the ship is given a repair action specifically to fix it.

The new set will have 4 Bombardier ships: one for the Pirates, one for the British, and 2 for the French. So far, WizKids has revealed 2 of the Bombardier ships, the Draconum for the Pirates, and the Bombardier for the British.

Draconum - Pirate Bombardier shipThe Draconum, being a prototype stolen by the Pirates, isn’t that great. With only 3 cargo, a base speed of L, Short #3 cannon Short #3 cannon Short #3 cannon, and a #3 bombardier cannon, she is hardly fearsome. Plus, you have to eliminate one of her masts when she rolls a 1 on any cannon roll. At least this ship is cheap at only 13pts.

Bombardier - British Bombardier shipThe British have a nice ship in the Bombardier, though. A base move of S+S, 3 cargo, Long #3 cannon  Long #3 cannon, Long #2 cannon, a #3 bombardier, and the ability to choose which mast is eliminated on a successful hit makes this a scary ship. This ship costs 18pts.

So far, WizKids has not revealed what the 2 French Bombardier ships are, but my guess, from looking at the Fire & Steel checklist, is that they are the Conquerant and the Grand Vainqueur, both at 21pts. Hopefully, they have decent stats and abilities to support those prices.

I’m a bit hesitant to say that Bombardier ships are going to be useful. I really want to see the definition of the “Double Shot” keyword before I pass judgement. But, with the right crew, if might be fun to run around in the Bombardier and set other ships on fire. :)

2008 Pirates Convention Pack Sneak Peek

2008 Convention PackSomeone has leaked the 2008 Pirates Convention Pack, which appears to include 4 ships and 4 crew, all Pirates. In the pack are:

  • Royal Rover: a 12pt ship with the “If this ship wins a boarding party, she can take as much treasure from the other ship as she can carry” ability.
  • Queen Anne’s Revenge: Blackbeard’s ship. IT costs 12pts with the “This ship may dock at an opponents home island and load one treasure. If able, she must leave on your next turn” ability.
  • Amity: 10pts with the “When this ship carries no cargo, she gets +S to her base move” ability.
  • Minerva: 9pts with the “Once per turn when this ship hits an enemy ship, also eliminate one crew from that ship” ability.
  • Bartholomew Roberts: 6pts, “Captain, Loyal:Pirates, After looking at a treasure on a wild island, you can trade any one treasure from that island for a random treasure on any other wild island. This ship must load the traded treasure.
  • Blackbeard: 10pts, “Captain, Loyal:Pirates, If this ship wins a boarding party, she can capture the crew with the highest cost instead of eliminating it. A captured crew becomes cargo worth its point cost in gold when unloaded at your home island.
  • Thomas Tew: 7pts, “Captain, Loyal:Pirates, Once per turn if this ship is touching another ship, reveal all treasure aboard the ship. This ship can take as much unique treasure from the other ship as she can carry, even those that can’t otherwise be removed.
  • Christopher Moody: 8pts, “Captain, Loyal:Pirates, If this ship succeeds at a boarding party, she can eliminate all of the other ship’s crew.”

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