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PoCS:Rise of the Fiends Checklists Leaked

Fire and Steel Checklist 2

Fire and Steel Checklist 1I just found these on the WizKids boards yesterday. Apparently, a Pirates player in Germany go hold of the checklist for Fire & Steel, the next set of Pirates of the Cursed Seas that isn’t due out until April 9th. Continue Reading »

An Unofficial Sneak Peak at PoCS: Fire and Steel

Someone over on the WizKids boards managed to get their hands on a preview pack of the next Pirates set: Fire and Steel, and they posted pictures! Continue Reading »

A First Look at the Ships of Rise of the Fiends

The new Pirates of the Cursed Seas set Rise of the Fiends came out today, and WizKids has updated their card gallery with all sorts of new goodness. Here’s a first look at some of the ships in the new set. Continue Reading »

Rise of the Fiends Comes Out Tomorrow!

Just a quick note to everyone that the new Pirates set, Rise of the Fiends, comes out tomorrow. From the Sneak Peeks on WizKids website, it looks like a number of characters are returning in this set with new abilities. Plus, the new keywords of Loyal and Hostile look to make future games interesting.

Depending on if our venue gets the new set right away, I might have a review of the new cards on this Friday’s post. Stay Tuned!

Pirates of the Cursed Seas – Plunder Pack Unboxing

I managed to get my hands on one of the new Pirates of the Cursed SeasPlunder Packs the other day, and I decided to take a few pictures as I unboxed it’s contents. Continue Reading »


WizKids has just updated the online card gallery for Pirates of the Spanish Main, and they have listed 4 Krakens for the new Pirates of the Caribbean set (due out October 17th). The new creatures look interesting, with 8 tentacles, but, like Sea Monster, they are also pricey. You will be able to get the Krakens in special “lunch box tins,” which include 5 gamepacks. Continue Reading »

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