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Last night’s PotSM scenario, Icebound!, went pretty well. Including me, we only had 3 players, but that meant that we were able to accomplish quite a bit, and finish the game (all the gold had been gathered).

The scenario’s description was “The Spanish treasure ship, El Toreador, ran aground during a late winter storm. Since that fateful night, the ship has been icebound, and nearly abandoned by her crew. But, the ice is starting to thaw…

The Toreador (represented by any 4+ masted Spanish ship) starts the game derelict, and surrounded by 5-6 icebergs, all touching the hull of the ship. An additional ring of icebergs (~6-8) starts out 2L away from the first ring. Place 2 Marines onto the ship to represent the guards that the Spanish left on the ship. They will shoot at the nearest (or docked) ship at the end of each round (after all players have acted). The Marines can be targeted as normal. Place 4 coins totalling 8 gold from each player (UTs allowed) onto the ship.

Players bring a 40pt, nationally pure fleet to try to bring home as much gold as they can. Normal victory and game ending conditions are in effect.

The del Sol was my treasure runner, and on it first turn, I doubled my move and was able to move 6S and touch the wreck. Next turn, I Explored, and found Fruit (takes 2 space, can’t get rid of it), Odin’s Revenge (all ships lose a mast), Monkey’s Paw, Poseidon’s Breath, and a 4 gold piece. Unfortunately, that was the only gold I was able to get, because between the other players fleets (one Cursed, one Pirate), the 2 Marines on the wreck, and the icebergs, the del Sol was derelicted and repaired several times.

My El Monte Cristo didn’t do so hot, but it was able to keep the Cursed players big Longship, the Loki’s Revenge, busy while I took the del Sol home and unloaded the gold. Eventually, the Loki’s Revenge’s double actions and the icebergs took their toll, and the El Monte Cristo sank.

Once the del Sol had completely repairs all it’s masts, I revealed Poseidon’s Breath, which allowed me to move my base move tiems the number of masts I had. The del Sol has 4, so I was able to move 12S! If I had rolled my same-action-twice, I could have moved 15S, but 12S was enough for me to move and dock on the far side of the wreck from the Revenge. Unfortunately, the LR took the remaining gold and UTs on the ship and headed home.

My del Sol didn’t have a captain, and the guns really suck on the ship, so going after the Revenge was pointless. But, the Cursed player had another ship, the Tarantula. So, on my last turn, I rammed the little ship and did absolutely nothing! I didn’t roll well enough to remove a mast, and we tied on boarding rolls, so nothing

The Pirate player used an interesting tactic. He had 2 ships in his fleet, the Harbinger and the El Dorado. Both ships have the ability “You own any derelict this ship explores; both ships become docked at your home island. ” What he did was load some gold from the wreck, and then wait for the Marines to derelict one of his ships. He then used the other ship to Explore the derelict, and both ships appeared at his home port. It made transporting the gold back very nice, and he got lucky and grabbed the majority of the gold.

Overall, the scenario went well. We had lots of iceberg movement, but surprisingly, no one played any icebreakers. Instead, we were able to remove icebergs by shooting them twice…which meant that on more than one occasion, we missed. How do you miss an iceberg? the game could be livened up with more players…and maybe more icebergs. :)

Missed Pirates last night…

My brother and I met with a freelance client last night, and the meeting ran a bit long, so I wasn’t able to make it to my Wednesday night Pirates game. But, next week I have to make it, since I am running the event: Icebound.

In other news, I was listening to episode Bravo 77 of the Dragon’s Landing podcast, and they read my comments on the air. I had sent them a couple comments about handling min-maxers in role-playing games a few weeks ago, and they liked my comments enough to read them on the air. How cool is that?