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The 55pt Anti-Sea Monster Fleet

Last Wednesday, we had a special scenario for our weekly Pirates game: Sea Monsters Attack. It was a normal 50pt game with treasure, but 2 “Place Kraken” and 2 “Place Sea Monster” tokens were mixed in with the treasure. When you found one of the tokens, a Sea Monster or Kraken was placed near the island the token was on, and 3 gold were immediately placed on the discoverer’s Home Island. If you were able to destroy a Sea Monster or Kraken, you also got 3 gold on your Home Island. After your turn, the Sea Monster or Kraken becomes part of the next player’s fleet.

The Sea Monsters and Kraken worked like this: on the turn they were discovered, they became part of your fleet. You rolled a die to see what actions they could be given: either move, attack, or move and attack. On a roll of a 1, the Sea Monster or Kraken would submerge and be removed from the game.

Here’s the fleet I played:

55pt Anti-Sea Monster Fleet Early in the game, I took the Banshee’s Cry out to a Wild Island. Unfortunately, I found one of the Sea Monsters, and although I tried moving it away from the Cry (since it was a very small ship), the next player moved it back and before I could do anything, the Monster had killed the Cry.:(

Through the rest of the game, I found the other Sea Monster(the Mist Walker, which luckily moved over and killed another small explorer ship), but I was also able to get quite a bit more gold back to my home island. By the end of the game, I had more gold than anyone else, and I won!:)

Next week’s game is a 60pt Rolling Hurricane scenario, which should be fun.:)

RAWR! Monsters Attack! (and get beaten…)

My 100pt Monster FleetLast night’s game was “Battle for the Spanish Main”, a 100pt, no-hold barred gun battle. The winner would be the fleet with the most remaining points at the end of the night, or when one fleet was eliminated from the game.We had 6 players, including the Privateer, so we split into 2 games of 3 players each.

My fleet consisted of 4 Sea Monsters, plus some crew:


100 pt Pirate/Cursed Monster Fleet My original fleet was an American war fleet, with the Franklin and Blackwatch being the key ships. But I figured that would be easy to build and play…and boring. So, I built this all Monster fleet as a challenge.

The privateer, myself and another player squared off around the play area. I had my 4 monsters, he had 5 4-5 masted ships, including the Franklin. The Privateer had loaned her fleet (a Viking Longboat wolf-fleet, which we will see later was very effective) to someone else. Instead, she bought a couple of packs of cards and built a fleet with a couple of Longboats and other ships.

At the start of the game, my sea dragon, Shal-Bala, attempted to attach a long ship in the Privateer’s fleet. But, I rolled my attack badly, and underestimated the speed of her other ships, and the Sea Dragon died. :( My two Titans (giant crabs) did ok for a while, but Brachyura got wounded during an attack, and instead of moving it away, I stayed in the fight too long, and it was destroyed also. But, before it died, I was able to derelict one of the Privateers ships.

While this was going on, the other player’s war-fleet was lining up in a standard fleet maneuver, but no one was crazy enough to attack the line, so he had to break up the line, sail closer to the other fleets, and re-line up.

While that was going on, I was able to get Behemoth (the giant squid) positioned up and attack another of the Privateer’s ships. I rolled badly again, and was only able to knock off two masts. The attacked ship returned fire, and I lost 2 tentacles. Choosing better know, I submerged Behemoth and moved it away from the fight.

The war-fleet player started to move the Franklin (a pretty effective gunship) in to take on the Behemoth, but realized that he couldn’t attack me while I was submerged. Instead, he went past me and sank the derrilict Privateer ship.

That player also lined up the rest of the fleet behind Behemoth (submerged), so we ended up with the Great Squid Conga Line! :)

The Privateer’s Longships were in range of the gun-fleet, and so she rammed the ship at the head of the line. A bad series of rolls didn’t destroy the attacked ship, and the return fire only slightly hurt the Longship. So, I took advantage. :)

Behemoth, which had spent 2 turns copying the Shipwright ability to repair, rose up from the watery depths and attacked both boats. I used Behemoth’s ability to copy Raninoidea’s “This ship eliminates two masts with one hit.” ability, and was able to sink both ships in one attack. It was glorious! Unfortunately, it also left me on the surface, and vulnerable to attack from both fleets, and the squid didn’t last long after that.

Raninoidea, meanwhile, had made a quick attack against a ship, had taken two hits, and had moved behind the Privateer’s Home Island to repair for a couple of turns. I moved it out to take on 2 of the Privateer’s vessels, but only damaged both. The gun-fleet moved in a sank the remaining ships of the Privateer’s fleet. Once one player had been eliminated, the game ended.

The final standings were that I had one ship with 34pts remaining. The gun-fleet had 3 ships, I think, with around 64pts left, and so he won. But it was a great fight!

At the other table, the Longship wolf-fleet did pretty well, I hear. The one ship of the fleet was able to sail up and pin the Zeus, while the rest of the fleet moved in and sank the big ship in one round!

At the end of the game, I heard that one fleet had stolen 2 ships, and ended up with 120-ish points on the field, while a second fleet was in the 110s or so.

Overall, it was a fun night. Next week’s scenario is “Treasure Island” which I have never run before, but should be fun. wi

Too Many Icebergs! (or How My Pirates Scenario: Icebound Went)

On Wednesday, August 1, 2007, I ran a Pirates scenario called Icebound! Here’s the description:

The Spanish treasure ship, El Toreador, ran aground during a late winter storm. Since that fateful night, the ship has been icebound, and nearly abandoned by her crew. But, the ice is starting to thaw…

El Toreador (represented by any 4+ masted Spanish ship) starts the game as a wreck on a hidden spur of rock, and surrounded by 5-6 icebergs, all touching the hull of the ship. An additional ring of icebergs (~6-8) starts out 2L away from the first ring. Place 2 Marines onto the ship to represent the guards that the Spanish left on the ship. They will shoot at the nearest (or docked) ship at the end of each round (after all players have acted).

The Marines cannot be targeted, and the ship cannot be towed or sunk. Place 4 coins totaling 8 gold from each player (UTs allowed) onto the ship. Players bring a 40pt, nationally pure fleet to try to bring home as much gold as they can. Normal victory and game ending conditions are in effect.

We made one addition to the posted rules:

Icebergs can be moved by shooting at them. Two hits are required to move an iceberg away from the shooting ship.

Of the 4 players in the game, 3 played Pirates (including me), and one played an American fleet.To the left, you can see the 40pt Pirate fleet that I played.

Typically, I play a Spanish fleet for this scenario, but I wanted a change this time, so I put together the Pirate fleet. My plan was to have the Banshee’s Cry zip up to the El Toreador, grab some treasure (or potentially get hit by bad Unique Treasures) and zip away. The Blood Jewel and the Darkhawk II could follow in later.

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out like I planned…

Well, the first problem was that there were TOO MANY ICEBERGS! There were 6 icebergs touching the El Toreador, and there was a ring of about 20 more around the ship. And, several icebergs moved on each players turn, so damage was inevitable.

Early in the game, I tried to sneak the Banshee’s Cry up to the wrecked ship. There was a narrow gap between 2 icebergs, and I hoped that I could slip through. But, on one of the other players turns, one of the icebrgs slammed into the Cry, knocked off it’s only mast and derelict her. :(

It took a while until the icebergs had cleared a bit, but I was finally able to get the Darkhawk and Jewel up close to the wreck. Then, by pushing an iceberg out of the way (by shooting it), I was able to access the El Toreador. I loaded up the Darkhawk, and then got some treasure onto the Jewel, and got away from any nearby icebergs before getting slammed. The DH got hit a couple of times by the Marines, though.

USS Mercury, American submarineWhile I was dodging icebergs, the player of the American fleet decided to go after one of the Pirate fleets. His fleet had a decent gunship in it, and the USS Mercury submarine. So, the two of them spent most of the game running around and shooting at each other.

The remaining player was able to get one of her ships, the Darkhawk, up to the wreck and got some of the treasure. her ship took a couple of hits from icebergs and the Marines, and only had one mast left. But, she ended up with enough treasure to put her in second place (behind me).

Because I was privateering this event, I wasn’t able to “win”, so the second place player got the winning prize. All of the players were able to get a special Limited Edition ships, and everyone had fun.

Next weeks game is Battle for the Spanish Main, a 100pt free-for-all gun battle. That scenario is always fun.