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WizKids has just updated the online card gallery for Pirates of the Spanish Main, and they have listed 4 Krakens for the new Pirates of the Caribbean set (due out October 17th). The new creatures look interesting, with 8 tentacles, but, like Sea Monster, they are also pricey. You will be able to get the Krakens in special “lunch box tins,” which include 5 gamepacks. Continue Reading »

Lions and Vultures, Bunnies and Mules in PotSM: Part 5 – British Mules

Many years ago, in Autoduel Quarterly (a magazine dedicated to the Car Wars board game), there was an article titled “Lions, Vultures and Bunnies“. The article described several types of vehicles you could build in the game: the Lion (big guns, quick kills), the Vulture (faster, decent guns, killed weakened opponents), and Bunnies (speed, speed and more speed).

I was thinking recently that these persona could be applied to various Pirates of the Spanish Main ships. Plus, in PotSM, gold cargo is important, so I added an additional category for the Mules (slow, but able to carry lots of gold). Continue Reading »