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A First Look at the Ships of Rise of the Fiends

The new Pirates of the Cursed Seas set Rise of the Fiends came out today, and WizKids has updated their card gallery with all sorts of new goodness. Here’s a first look at some of the ships in the new set. Continue Reading »

Rise of the Fiends Comes Out Tomorrow!

Just a quick note to everyone that the new Pirates set, Rise of the Fiends, comes out tomorrow. From the Sneak Peeks on WizKids website, it looks like a number of characters are returning in this set with new abilities. Plus, the new keywords of Loyal and Hostile look to make future games interesting.

Depending on if our venue gets the new set right away, I might have a review of the new cards on this Friday’s post. Stay Tuned!

Nickels and Dimes – A Pirates Scenario

Nickels and Dimes - A Pirates ScenarioThis past Wednesday, I came up with a new scenario to run called Nickels and Dimes. The idea was that each player (we had 3, including myself) would start out with 30pts of ships, and 15pts of crew. Crew was initially NOT loaded onto any ships, and 0pt crew were disallowed. As each player was able to get gold back to their Home Island, they would be able to “buy/hire” crew on a 1 gold=1 point basis. Crew could be loaded face down, but the money spent had to be announced. To make sure there was enough gold, I increased the normal starting amounts to 12 pieces totaling 24 gold. Continue Reading »

The 85pt Hide and Seek Fleet

This past week, I played Pirates, and won, at an 80pt pure gunfight. Continue Reading »

The Amazing Near-Single Turn Gold Running Fleet

Arr everyone!

Last week, I had the opportunity to try a new fleet idea that I had. Things didn’t work like I had planned, but it was fun. Continue Reading »

Revised Unique Treasure Reference Sheet for Pirates

Arr everyone!

With the help of Woelf on the WizKids forums, I was able to update and correct the Unique Treasure reference sheet. I plan to make another update when the new set comes out later this month. Enjoy!

Pirates: Unique Treasures Reference Sheet

Arr everyone!

I just finished updating my Unique Treasure Reference Sheet for Pirates. The list has the text of all of the Unique Treasures from all of the Pirates sets, as well as listing on whether a Treasure should be loaded face up or face down. Enjoy!