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Proof of the Pirates God Box!

One of the players in our Pirates group got really, really lucky and found a God Box of cards. The God Box is a box of Pirates cards that has more than the 0 or 1 packs of Super Rare cards. Well, this box had a few more than one Super Rare pack…in fact, it had 29 out of 36 packs!

Pirates of the Cursed Seas - Super Rare God BoxAnd, here’s the proof that was sent to me (click for a larger version). Just look at all of those Captain Mysions!

The player, who will remain nameless, was generous enough to give each regular player in our group one of the SR packs. The rest, he put up on Ebay.

I can’t wait to put my Doombox to good use! :)

Pirates, and Horroclix

I’ve played quite a few games in the past week, including 3 Pirates games and my first Horrorclix game.

First off, we had a sealed pack Pirates game last Wednesday. Each player opened 4 packs of Rise of the Fiends, and built a 40pt fleet. The winner was whomever brought home the most gold. I did pretty well, but only came in second.

On Saturday, I went over to Itsnotacon for a couple of hours. I needed to get out of the house for a while, and there were a couple of Pirates games planed. As it ended up, there were only 3 players, but we had fun.

The first game was a 40pt constructed game called “The Wreck of the Black Galleon.” All of the gold was placed onto a wrecked ship in the middle of the board, and we had to go get as much as we could. Of course, with lots of ships in close proximity, a few fights broke out. ExecutionerUnfortunately, after putting 2 fast gold runners in my fleet, I only had a few points left, and I could only afford the 2 masted Executioner for protection…and it didn’t last too long. I was able to sink one of the other player’s gold runners first, though. And, I had some bad pulls on gold, and only ended up with 10 gold or so at the end (the winner had 24). At least, because there were only a few players, I was able to get a prize ship.

RazorvixenAfter that, the guy running the events had a Horrorclix game planned, so I hung around and played that. I’ve only played a demo of Heroclix before (which is similar), so this was pretty new to me. I was setup with a team of 5 figures, including the Razorvixen seen here. The goal was to kill as many victims as possible…and to kill the other player’s monsters.

Overall, I had fun. I’m not ready to get into another collectible game right now, and I really couldn’t afford one, but it’s still a fun game. The Clix mechanics is pretty simple: when your figure takes damage, you click down the figs baseplate and their statistics change. Some figs actually get better as they take damage, and some have abilities that only function at certain levels on their click wheel. the other Privateer at our venue also plays the MechWarrior Clix game, and I may just have to try that one out some night.

USS KentuckyAfter that, there was a Pirates sealed pack game. Since it was still the same players, and the guy running the game didn’t want to buy more packs, me and the other player bought 3 packs each and had a short gun battle. I didn’t pull anything really special, and we had 3 ships each, but I was able to get her fleet into a position so that I could sink 2 of her ships. After that, my 2 remaining ships had to chase down her one remaining ship, the USS Kentucky. Eventually, I sank it, and got another prize ship.

Scorpion Ships in PotC:RotF

Another of the new ship types in Pirates of the Cursed Seas:Rise of the Fiends is the Scorpion ship. These (mostly) Cursed ships come outfitted with a huge blade on the bow that can be lower to strike another ship. If it hits, a mast is removed from the target. Continue Reading »

Fun with Flotillas!

One of the new ship types that has me excited in the latest Pirates of the Cursed Seas: Rise of the Fiends sets is Flotillas. These stationary gun platforms are meant to be used to protect your trade routes/gold runners, and are cheap at only 7pts each. But, the pros and cons of these units need to be weighed carefully before adding them to your fleet. Continue Reading »