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The 80pt Fog of War Fleet

The basic idea for this fleet is hit-and-run: pop out of the Fog Cloud/Smoke Cloud when it dissipates at the beginning of your turn, shoot at anything within range, and then duck back into a new cloud.

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Jack and the Doombox Fleet – 45pts

The basic idea for this fleet was to take advantage of Captain Jack Sparrow’s “When this ship is given an Explore action, you can swap a treasure on the island for a crew on any friendly ship” ability to instantly get gold to your Home Island. But, I wasn’t able to fit in CJS and a ship for him, so I switched it out with the Rising Sun, which has the same ability. And, to keep the theme of the fleet, all of the generic Oarsmen are named Jack (kind of like George Foreman’s kids.)

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Amazing Pictures of Shipwrecks and Sea Disasters

There are some haunting, incredible pictures of shipwrecks, ship graveyards and sea disasters posted over at Dark Roasted Blend. Enjoy!

The New Improved Oarsman: Better, Stronger, Faster (ok, maybe not faster…)

The New and Improved Oarsman. He’s Better (yes!), Stronger (yes!), and Faster (ok, 2 out of 3 isn’t bad). Who is this new superman among your crew, and how do you use him to the best effect? Read on… Continue Reading »

Morevi – Pirates of the Caribbean Meets Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

For the past few months, I’ve been listening to Tee Morris’ audiobook/podcast of Billibub Baddings and the Case of the Singing Sword. It’s the story of a fantasy-realm dwarf who falls through a portal and finds himself in 1929 Chicago, complete with Prohibition and Al Capone. Billibub ends up working as a Private Detective in the city, on the trail of the Singing Sword, a dangerous artifact from his home realm.

Anyway, that story has nothing to do with pirates. But, Mr Morris would occasionally mention his plans to rebroadcast another of his books, Morevi: the Chronicals of Rafe and Askana. Unfortunately, he never really mentioned exactly what Morevi was, and I assumed from the title, that it was just another fantasy novel. Since I really wasn’t looking for a fantasy book right now (I’m already partway through listening to the Dresden Files audiobooks and re-reading the Ethshar books), I didn’t check out Morevi until this week.

That was my mistake.

Earlier this month, I finished the Billibub story, and Mr Morris has not started podcasting the second book, The Case of the Pitcher’s Pendant. In the Billibub podcast feed, Mr Morris had put the introduction chapter of Morevi, and on a whim, I listened to it.

Why the heck didn’t Tee mention that Morevi had pirates in it!?!

I was instantly hooked. The story includes a 15th-16th century privateer’s ship that goes through a portal near the Ireland coast and ends up in strange waters with Chinese-style junks, warrior women, and magic. Wow!

So far, I’ve only listened to the first few chapters, but I really like the story so far, although I wish Mr Morris would make things a bit clearer. I’m intrigued about the Portals that are mentioned, and the suggestion that Captain Rafe can travel through the Portals easily, where others can’t. Hopefully, things will be clearer as I get further into the story.