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No posts this week

Between getting ready for the Origins Game Fair this weekend (sorry, no Pirates events), and trying to finish up a freelance layout project for a client, I’m just not going to be able to make any posts this week.

But, don’t worry, I’ll be back next week with more Piratical goodness, including an article on why a Fort should be included in any gold-running build. See you next week!

Lots, and Lots of Junks

Large central islandLast week’s game was an 80pt, 2 ship-max, Last Captain Standing/King of the Hill game. The goal was to unload crew onto a large central island, and make sure that your crew were the still there at the end of the game. Marines were able to shoot at crew on the island, and at ships within S (like normal). Also, your fleet needed to be the last one on the board.

Lots of Junks

Players were restricted to 2 ships each (plus Flotillas) to speed up play. Because of this restriction, every player had one 10 masted junk; we had 3 Delusions and 2 Zeuses. (In the pictures, one of the Zeuses is standing in for the Delusion).

Getting CrowdedAnd, even though the large central island had lots of shore to dock at, many of the ships ended up crowding close to each other, and things go really interesting.

Ramming SpeedMy fleet was based around the idea of killing/eliminating other player’s crew, snagging them with Captain Davy Jones (from PotC), and then sacrificing them myself to get extra actions. As it turned out, I was never able to get DJ to snag any crew. But, I was able to have both of my Junks ram into opponents ships before both were sunk.

The game ended up with 2 winners: one player hung back until opponents ships were damaged and/or pinned, and swooped into to sink them, and finally was able to sink the last ship and be the Last Captain Standing. Another player landed 2 Marines onto the central island before getting sunk herself, and spend the rest of the game shooting at other crew on the island, or at passing ships.

Everyone had fun, and we will have to try this scenario again.

Revolutionary War-era shipwreck found in Lake Ontario

The wreck of an 80ft British sloop, the HMS Ontario, has recently been found off the southern shore of Lake Ontario in about 500ft of water. The ship, which had as many as 130 people on board, including 60 British soldiers, when she went down during a storm on Halloween night, 1780. Continue Reading »

Pirates Keyword Reference sheet

Pirates Keyword ReferenceArr everyone!

Don’t remember how a Bombardier works? Can a Galley ram of be rammed? What are the rules for the new Oarsman? Check out the new Pirates Keyword Reference for the rules for all of the standard Pirates keywords.

If you find any corrections, or if I have missed a Keyword, please let me know. Enjoy!

Ultra Speedy 40pt San Cristobal Fleet

Last week, we had a Last Captain Standing 40pt game. There was no gold or no Home Island immunity. This was a pure gunbattle. We had 3 players, including myself, with the other 2 players using 5-masted gunships towing Flotillas. I opted for a different strategy based around the San Cristobal, a very fast ship.

Here is what was in my fleet:

  • San CristobalSan Cristobal (17pt, RotF): If this ship has a crew with the Captain keyword, she gets +L to her base move.
    • Contessa Anita Amore (0pts, CC): Limit, Ransom, +5 build points. This crew cannot leave this ship unless captured or eliminated.
    • Luis Zuan (0pt, RotF): Hostile: Pirates, Loyal: Spain, Captain.
    • Almirante Devante del Nero (3pts, SM): This ship gets +1 to her cannon rolls against Pirate ships.
    • Helmsman (2pt): This ship gets +S to it’s base move.
    • Exploding Shot (1pt, FnS):
  • SlipstreamSlipstream (12pts, MI): Submarine, Mercenary, Crew of any nationality can use their abilities on this ship.
    • Lord Mycron (6pts, FnS): Instead of giving this ship an action this turn, you may give any ship in your fleet 2 actions.
    • Helmsman (2pt): This ship gets +S to it’s base move.

The basic idea for this fleet is to have the Slipstream submerge, hopefully keeping it out of reach of the enemy. While it’s submerged, Lord Mycron gives the San Cristobal 2 actions, meaning the speedy ship can move S+S+L+S and shoot, and then move S+S+L+S away. FOOM!

Trying it out: I tried this fleet in a 3 player gunbattle. My main gunship, the San Cristobal, was the fastest ship on the table. The other 2 players were playing big gunships towing Flotillas.

For the first couple of turns, we head toward the middle of the table. I kept Lord Mycron hidden (face down) on the submerged submarine, and I also kept Luis Zuan and the Helmsman face down to lure the other ships into striking distance. Eventually, One player’s HMS Endeavour got close enough, and I was able to sail in, fire all three L range cannons (I was concerned about cancelers), and sail away. After 2 turns of that, and not doing much damage, I ended my move too close to the Endeavour. That player managed to roll his “5-6 for extra action” ability, sailed up and did massive damage to the San Cristobal.

On the next player’s turn, she rolled a 6 for Davy Jones (OE version), and so she gave a Shoot action to the Endeavour, and sank the San Cristobal. :(

After that, I tried to use the sub’s underwater ram to sink the other players Flying Dutchman, but wasn’t able to roll high enough to knock off a mast. Then, the canceler on board canceled my sub’s keyword, which brought me to the surface, where she was able to shoot and sink me.

The game continued with the slow Flying Dutchman chasing the HMS Endeavour, but eventually, the Dutchman was able to sink the Endeavour and win the game.

I think my fleet is a good build, with some possibilities, but you have to be careful about cancelers and Davy Jones/Emperor Blackheart. If you are playing a game that includes Home Island immunity, you can probably save a few points by putting Lord Mycron onto a cheaper ship and just leaving it docked at home.

Pirates of Morevi Cards!

First Queen of MoreviCaptain Rafe RaftonRecently, the guys over at MiniatureTrading held a “Press Gang” contest. One of the members put up a bunch of blank crew card templates, and contestants created new crew cards.

Since I’ve been listening to the Chronicals of Morevi, I decided to make crew cards for Askana, first Queen of Morevi, and Captain Rafe Rafton. I used the artwork of Carrie Seidman. Click on the images for a closer view.

Captain EdWee VikingsIn addition, I updated 2 cards that I had created earlier and entered them. First off, we have “Captain Ed,” myself as a reverse-Captain. And, we have “Wee Vikings,” which is my son, Daniel, in his Viking hat.

If you have an account over at Miniature Trading, go over and VOTE FOR MY CARDS!

Enjoy! I might have another card or two to post in the future.