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Savage Shore Scavenger Pack Preview

Savage Shore Scavenger PackHere is a preview image of the upcoming Pirates of the Savage Shores Scavenger Pack. It is rumored that the pack contains:

  • 3 Savage Shores packs
  • 2 Fire and Steel packs
  • 1 Rise of the Fiends pack
  • one of 4 pre-built ships
  • one of 6 Mega-card ships

The word from WizKids is that this is going to be the only way to get Pirates of the Savage Shores cards. With no booster packs for this set, I’m interested in seeing how the Pirates community receives this change in the game.

Gentlemen, Start Your Sails: Pirate Racing!

Recently, we had a special Pirates event: Pirate Racing. The rules for the event were:

  • Bring a 50pt fleet. All ships must be of the same nationality, although crew can be from any faction, following normal assignment rules.
  • All ships MUST race. You cannot leave any ships docked at your Home Island.
  • The race course (see image below) is a relatively straight channel with a loop at the end. Ships need to race up to the far end, go around the island, and then come back and dock at their Home Island. The First ship to Dock back at their Home Island wins!
  • Any ships automatically have the Eternal keyword. If they are sunk during the race, they appear docked at their Home Island with any crew they had on board. Crew eliminated through other means (sacrificed, eliminated through enemy action, thrown overboard) do not re-appear.
  • Sea Dragons are not allowed in the event. Also, other ship “teleport” abilities, like those of the El Dorado and Harbinger, are also not allowed.

The race course looked like this:

Pirates Racing Course

We had 6 players, counting myself. After rolling off to see which Home Island we started at, the competitors were off! Continue Reading »

More Island Sneak Peeks for Savage Shores

Kelly Bonilla, former Game Designer at WizKids, has let out a couple of sneak peeks of several of the new islands in the upcoming Savage Shores set. I posted about one island a few days ago, and Kelly has let slip a few more. Continue Reading »

Kelly Bonilla, Game Designer at WizKids, is Leaving

Sad news, everyone. It’s been announced that Kelly Bonilla, Game Designer at WizKids, is leaving the company. During a recent shake-up in the company, his position was eliminated, and his last day is today (Aug 15th).

Actually, Kelly’s position was eliminated a while back, but he was asked to stay on to work on the upcoming Savage Shore release, and the release after that. I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

One nice thing is that Kelly has been leaving hints and sneak peeks about some of the elements in the upcoming set, including details on 3 new Mysterious Island-style islands. I’ll post what info I can dig up in Tuesday’s post.

Savage Shores Sneak Peek


Savage Shores logo

There have been a couple of “unofficial” bits released on the WizKids forums about the next Pirates set, Savage Shores. The set is due out in September, although WizKids has been very hush-hush about it.

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Doubling up Your Shots

Have you ever wanted to have two (or more) Firepot Specialist on the same ship, so that you’d have more of a chance of burning an opponent’s ship? Up until recently, you couldn’t do it because of the no stacking rule. The rule says that if you have two crew on a ship with the same ability, or one ship and one crew with the same ability, only one ability can function. Well, now you can get around that pesky rule by using Equipment. Continue Reading »

$80 for a Raptor Maw?

Raptor MawThe Raptor Maw is one of the rarest, most sought after Pirates cards. It was supposed to be released as a Mega-card with the Rise of the Fiends set, but WizKids canceled the RotF tins, and so only a few RotF Mega-cards got out (re branded as Fire and Steel). But, the poor Raptor Maw never was released in the US.*

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Is the Grinder one of the best Cursed Ships?

Several of the Rise of the Fiends Limited Edition ship have been showing up in the Pirates of the Cursed Sea Treasure Chest, including the Grinder (Turbine), Polaris (double catamaran), Terrox (octopus), and the USS Mercury (windcatcher). I’m going to be reviewing each one in the next few weeks.

First up is the Grinder: point for point one of the best ships that the Cursed have. And I’ll tell you why. Continue Reading »