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Blog Holiday Break

Arr You Scurvy Pirates!

I’m going to be taking a break from the blog until January 2nd. Enjoy your holidays, and I’ll see you in January!


Catalyst and Pinata are joining forces to revive WizKids games


I just saw this over on

Catalyst Game Labs, LLC, and Pinata Games have announced that they will form a strategic alliance, contingent on the Catalyst group’s purchase of the currently dormant WizKids properties.

“By combining our efforts, we can deliver high-quality products that will satisfy retailers, fans and licensors alike,” said Loren Coleman, majority Catalyst owner. “As successful licensors of Shadowrun and BattleTech, [Catalyst] understands the essence of those brands and will continue to produce high-quality products for them.”

“The Pinata team brings a different, unique skill set to the table, having worked extensively on all of WizKids’ brands over the last two years. With our efforts combined, we have a wide range of hobby business expertise that covers the gamut of licensed-and-non-licensed properties across a wide spectrum of formats- RPGs, TCGs, CMGs, and more.”

Should Catalyst purchase WizKids’ properties from The Topps Company, Pinata will begin as operator for the HeroClix brand immediately.

“After a few short conversations with Catalyst, it was apparent that a strategic alliance would benefit all parties involved,” said Jake Theis, Pinata Games’ CSO. “We believe that this relationship will allow us to restart the HeroClix business quickly. I saw that HeroClix returned to the top of the ICV2 Hobby Fall CMG sales list, and I know that with the economy in its current state, retailers don’t want any delays getting the business back up and running.”

The proposed alliance between the two companies would allow for Pinata and Catalyst to release new games both together and independently.

This is good news. Hopefully, we’ll get an announcement about what is to be done with the Pirates line, and who will be publishing it.

Cool Pirate Icon Set


One of my Pirates players sent me a link to the 50 Most Beautiful Icon Sets Created in 2008 (according to # 28 on the list was a very cool set of Pirate themed icons.

I liked them so much, I’ve started using them in my desktop theme (along with an appropriate old-world style sailing chart for a background.) It still needs a few tweaks, but I’ll try to posts pictures once I get everything setup.

Hoist Away! – Hoist Ships in Pirates of the Cursed Seas

One of the new ships introduced in Savage Shores is the Hoist. This ship has a large, articulated arm on the front that can grab cargo from islands and other ships. This raises some new tactical possibilities in the Pirates game, if you know how to use the new ships effectively. Continue Reading »