This is a special Monday edition of the blog…mainly because I missed Friday’s post. :)

At last weeks Pirates game, A Price on Yer Head, we had 9 players (and one observer) show up. While this wasn’t a record number of players at our venue, it was a lot more than the normal 4-5 players we regularly get. So, to make sure that everyone played, we split into 2 games of 4 and 5 players each. I was in the 4 player game.

The idea for the scenario was that each player would have a 60pt fleet. Each player would also have one crew, costing at least 6pts, that had a warrant out for their capture or their death. If another player was able to capture an opposing player’s warranted crew and unload them onto their Home Island, they would get the cost of the crew in gold. If they sunk the ship with the warranted crew on board, they would get half the cost of the crew (rounded down).

As it ended up, 2 players in the 4 player game were able to sink an opponents ship and get 3 gold apiece (half the value). In the 5 player game, only one player got any gold, but he was able to sink 2 opposing player’s ships, and so he ended up with 6 gold.

Edward LowMy fleet was built around Edward Low, a crew with the “If an enemy ship is within S of this ship you can use this ship’s action for the turn to try to possess a target crew on that ship. Roll a d6, on a result of 6, the target is immediately assigned to this ship. Its nationality changes to match the nationality of this ship.” I put him on board the Zeus (courtesy of Anamaria), along with Lady Baptiste as a reroller, in the hopes that I could sail nearby to an opponent’s ship and capture their ransom crew. Then, I could get it home and unload it for full value in gold.Zeus, San Cristobal and Blackwatch

Zeus ramming my shipUnfortunately, my Zeus ran afoul of a multi action Zeus ship, and the Blackwatch, and was sunk pretty quickly. Luckily, my warrant crew, Jack Hawkins, was on board my other ship, the Lady’s Scorn, an Eternal ship. He was pretty well protected from boarding (I had a spare crew on the ship to sacrifice if I lost a boarding roll), and the Eternal keyword meant that, even if the ship sank, the opponent wouldn’t get the gold because Jack Hawkins wasn’t dead. But, in the end, the Lady’s Scorn was sunk, and then while it was at my Home Island making repairs, was rammed again and Jack Hawkins was killed.

Turbine and Double Catamaran in actionOver at the other table, things were much more interesting. For one thing, 2 ships with unique keywords were fighting it out: the Grinder, a Cursed ship with the Turbine keyword, and the Polaris, an English Double Catamaran with a built in reverse captain. It was nice to see 2 fairly rare ships get some play, and after seeing how effective the Grinder was, I’m going to have to consider that for future games.

Getting crowdedAt one point in the game, the seas go very crowded. And, there was a chaotic iceberg in the midst of the confusing, which just added to the awesomeness. Unfortunately, as far as I could tell, the iceberg didn’t do much damage to the surrounding ships.

Overall, it was an excellent night for everyone. I had several players mention that “we need more nights like this, with lots of players.” I, too, am hoping that we have lots of player in future events.