Several of the Rise of the Fiends Limited Edition ship have been showing up in the Pirates of the Cursed Sea Treasure Chest, including the Grinder (Turbine), Polaris (double catamaran), Terrox (octopus), and the USS Mercury (windcatcher). I’m going to be reviewing each one in the next few weeks.

First up is the Grinder: point for point one of the best ships that the Cursed have. And I’ll tell you why.

Grinder - Cursed TurbineThe Grinder is a pretty nice ship. It costs 12 points, moves at S+L, 4 cargo, has very nice cannons (, , ), cannot be pinned, and it’s the only ship with the Turbine keyword. The keyword states:

Turbine: A ship with this keyword is not derelict when all her masts are eliminated. If she has no masts, she is still sunk if hit.

What this means is that, even if the Grinder has lost all of it’s masts, it can still move at it’s full S+L speed. Throw on a Captain and a Helmsman, and you’d have a pretty nice gunship, with space for a nasty like a Firepot Specialist/shot, Exploding shot, etc.

Death\'s Anchor - FlotillaOr, with just a Captain and Helmsman on board, you’d have just enough points left to add El Fantasma from Rise of the Fiends. At 7pts, he’s pricey, but he gives you the keywords of Eternal, Fear, and roll a 5 or 6 for the same action twice. All are very good to have on a gunship, but having all three is great.

Alternately, you could put the Ocean’s Edge version of El Fantasma. He just 5 points, gives you the Captain ability, and a eliminate a crew to get an extra action ability. Add him, a Helmsman, and 3 Oarsmen for sacrifice fodder, and you have 4 guaranteed extra actions.

For even more punch, dump the Helmsman and have the Grinder tow around the Death’s Anchor or Silver Coffin.

Or, you could even use the Grinder, with an Explorer or Silver Explorer, to run gold. It’s got decent speed, and the Turbine keyword means that your opponent has to sink you if he wants to stop you. Derelicting you just has no effect. If you include the Raft event in your build, you can move all of the gold and crew from the ship away if he does sink you.

With speed, firepower, and a nice combo of abilities, the Grinder is one of the better Cursed ships in the game. It you can, pick one up. It’s definitely worth it.