Raptor MawThe Raptor Maw is one of the rarest, most sought after Pirates cards. It was supposed to be released as a Mega-card with the Rise of the Fiends set, but WizKids canceled the RotF tins, and so only a few RotF Mega-cards got out (re branded as Fire and Steel). But, the poor Raptor Maw never was released in the US.*

But, a very few Raptor Maws were released in Europe as tournament prizes. And, a Pirates player in Germany put one of his Raptor Maw cards on Ebay. The auction closed on Monday for about $80US.

Now, if I was a die hard collector with extra cash, I might have bid on the card. But, even though the Raptor Maw is the cheapest Sea Dragon in the game, I just can’t see it being worth $80. That’s probably because I collect Pirates cards to play, not just to collect.

*Some of the die hard collectors have let out the secret on how they got their Raptor Maws (and other rare cards). Apparently, WizKids has put out a sealed set of Rise of the Fiends, a few of which have shown up on Ebay. And, sets are going for around $90, from what I’ve heard.

So, if you are looking for the rarest of the rare Pirates cards, keep an eye out on Ebay for the sealed set packs. The are a bargain compared to buying the cards separately.