Have you ever wanted to have two (or more) Firepot Specialist on the same ship, so that you’d have more of a chance of burning an opponent’s ship? Up until recently, you couldn’t do it because of the no stacking rule. The rule says that if you have two crew on a ship with the same ability, or one ship and one crew with the same ability, only one ability can function. Well, now you can get around that pesky rule by using Equipment.

The Fire and Steel Pirates expansion introduced Equipment. It works more-or-less like the Specialist crew (Smokepot, Firepot, Chainshot, and Stinkpot), still takes one cargo space, and only costs 1 point. Plus, there are a couple of new “shots”, including Grapeshot, Double Shot, Grapple Shot and Exploding Shot.

But, the limitation on Equipment is that if you ever roll a 1 on any cannon roll where you are using an Equipment, you have to remove the Equipment from the game. The Limited Edition versions of the Equipment is worse: you get one shot out of it and then have to remove it.

One nice thing about Equipment is that it doesn’t count as crew, so attacks that kill crew wont eliminate the Equipment on your ship. And, Equipment isn’t limited to S cannon range, the way the Specialist are. So, adding Equipment to a ship with L-range cannons is nice, and it’s even better if you have a ship with the ability to double the range of it’s cannons, like the HMS Meresman from SM. Or, have you thought about putting Equipment onto a Flotilla?

Recently, it has been ruled that you can have both Equipment and a Specialist on a ship, and since their abilities are slightly different, they don’t stack, and can use both their abilities normally.

So, if you want to double up the firepower of your ships, try adding both a Firepot Specialist and a Firepot Shot. Or, for even more fire, toss in an Exploding Shot. Just be careful about rolling a 1 (or sail with a reroller). Good Luck!