Savage Shores logo

There have been a couple of “unofficial” bits released on the WizKids forums about the next Pirates set, Savage Shores. The set is due out in September, although WizKids has been very hush-hush about it.

First up, someone found the portfolio website for the artist, Steven Walker, who designed the logo for the new set, along with a bunch of box art for the Star Wars constructible game. Check it out.

Second, Kelly Bonilla, Game Designer at WizKids, let slip that there will be a new mysterious island in the new set:

I03 Ancient Altar

1–2 We Demand Sacrifice Eliminate a unique treasure from this ship. If this ship carries no unique treasure, eliminate a crew instead.
3–4 No effect
5–6 Gift from the Gods The next time this ship explores this island, you can replace a non–unique treasure she loads with a unique treasure from your collection.

Which sounds pretty cool. Kelly also mentioned that there will be a new terrain type in the set, and 2 new islands with “not mysterious” effects. My guess is that the islands have their effect without making a roll.

There is also a rumor, that has been mentioned but not confirmed, that there might be balloons in the new set. My guess is that, if true, the balloons are going to be more like spotting balloons that give ships either increased accuracy with their cannons, or increased range.

Finally, there has been a rumor floating around about a new crew type. I’m hoping for a new generic crew, maybe something like a Helmsman that adds +L to base move., but I’ll have to wait until WizKids starts doing sneak peeks, or the new set is released.