Kelly Bonilla, former Game Designer at WizKids, has let out a couple of sneak peeks of several of the new islands in the upcoming Savage Shores set. I posted about one island a few days ago, and Kelly has let slip a few more.First up:

I02 Native Village
1–2 Restless Natives Eliminate a crew from this ship.
3–4 No effect
5–6 Friendly Reception After this ship finishes loading treasure from this island, she can move S.

Nice ability if you roll well, and the downside is not too bad (unless you have few crew). Time to stock up on redshirts…er…Oarsmen.

Next up:

I03 Ancient Altar
1–2 We Demand Sacrifice Eliminate a unique treasure from this ship. If this ship carries no unique treasure, eliminate a crew instead.
3–4 No effect
5–6 Gift from the Gods The next time this ship explores this island, you can replace a non–unique treasure she loads with a unique treasure from your collection.

Very nice, especially if you roll well and can bring in something like Poseidon’s Breath or Homing Beacon to get the gold home.

I05 Island Paradise
1–2 Deserters Roll a d6. Put that many crew from this ship onto any other wild island.
3–4 No effect
5–6 Stranded Crew You can assign a crew worth 3 or fewer points from your collection to a ship in your fleet.

Nice. It could badly if you roll low and then high, especially on a ship with lots of crew. But, luckily, most treasure runners have few crew.

I06 Isle of Fisaga
1–2 Unnatural Wind Move all treasure coins from this island to two or more other wild islands.
3–4 No effect
5–6 Favorable Winds The next time you give this ship a move action, she gets +2 S to her base move.

Interesting. Rolling low removes the gold from your grasp, at least temporarily, but I guess you could move it to an island where you have another treasure runner. Rolling well gives you a burst of speed to get home I assume that the “+2 S to base move” means S+S. Can you imagine having that result with a ship like a well outfitted San Cristobal or Hai Peng?

I07 Isle of Spirits
1–2 Captains Past The next time you give this ship a move action, the opponent to your left moves her.
3–4 No effect
5–6 Ghostly Crew Crew on this ship do not take up cargo space until after the next time this ship unloads treasure at your home island.

Roll well, and you’ll have more space for cargo. Roll badly, and you get moved off course.

I08 Verdant Isle
1–2 Lost Put a crew from this ship onto this island. It can’t be re-assigned to this ship this turn.
3–4 No effect
5–6 Rare Orchid The next time this ship explores this island, you can replace a non–unique treasure coin she loads with a unique treasure from your collection.

Hmm. Roll badly, and you’re delayed for a bit. It could be worse. Roll well, and you can pull in something useful.

I13–I16 Isle of Fire
This island can be used only as a wild island. At the beginning of his or her turn, the active player rolls a d6. On a result of 6, randomly eliminate one treasure coin from this island.

This could be nice to include when you are running a gun fleet, and don’t plan on getting gold from any island. There’s a chance that the gold on this island will slowly disappear, which means there is less gold for your gold-running opponent to get.

You could also use this if you plan to gather gold. Just put the island in the middle of the map, maybe a bit closer to your opponent’s Home Island. That way, once you’ve cleared the islands closer to you, you can go and grab any gold left on this island. But, once gold starts disappearing, your opponent is less likely to visit this island if there are other targets in range. I’ll have to try it when the new set comes out.

I09–I12 Great Turtle
This island can be used as a home island or wild island. If no ships are docked at this island, give one of your ships a move action, but do not move her. Instead move this island S. This island can’t be moved within 2 S of any ships or other islands.

I like this idea. If you running gold, you use this as your Home Island, and you can move it toward your gold runners, at least a bit closer.

Or, use it as a Wild island, and move it closer to your ships….or, move it away from your opponent ships.

Overall, the new Mysterious Islands look interesting, and players are going to have to adjust their tactics when playing with them. Hopefully, more people will use them. I know that the players at my venue ignore the Mysterious Island effects, but maybe I’ll have to introduce them in an upcomming event, just to get them ready for the new set.

I wonder if the Mercenary ability of adding one to the rolls will work on these islands? Anyway, they look interesting, and I hope that we get more sneak peeks before the set comes out in September.