On August 20th, because it was my birthday, I ran a special event: Steal the Privateer’s Gold. Each player had 30pts to build a gold-stealing fleet. I, as the Privateer in question, had 100pts to defend my island from my opponents. There was only gold on my Island (no Uts), and we ruled that you could load gold immediately upon docking (no Explorers needed). We had 4 players (besides myself), so it was a pretty equal match.

Privateer Island 1

I had been hoping for more players, and because I wanted the players to have a fighting chance, I used an extra large island (which meant I had more area to guard). My fleet had 3 ships: The Zeus, Lady’s Scorn, and the Sea Dragon Angelica. Basically, I used a combination of Lord Mycron and Emperor Blackheart to give Angelica 2 or 3 actions per turn. Her job was to take out the smaller gold runners, and any submarines. The larger ships were left for the Zeus to deal with.

Two players had fleets with subs, so there were 4 submarines sneaking toward my island. Unfortunately, I moved Angelica too close to a small enemy ship, rolled badly and missed my Swoop Attack roll. That left the Sea Dragon vulnerable, and the rest of that enemy fleet pounced and sank her. 4 Subs, waiting for an openingAnd, since she was my only way of dealing with submerged subs, the 4 subs were able to stop just offshore of my island and wait for an opening.

In the end, we came down to a stalemate: the subs couldn’t un-submerge, since the Zeus was sitting close, and I couldn’t do anything to the subs. So, I ended up moving the Zeus a short distance away, to take care of a small gold runner. All 4 subs popped up and loaded gold from my island. Then, I lucked out and got 3 actions on the Zeus, which allowed me to sink 3 of the 4 subs. We called the game then because of time.

I think that the players would have done better if there had been more of them, or if they had coordinated their actions better. If I run this scenario again, I’ll probably cut down teh amount of points that the Privateer gets, or make some sort of sliding scale for balance.