It was announced recently over on TabletopGamingNews that Topps has withdrawn the sale offer for the BattleTech and Shadowrun intelectual properties (IPs). What does this mean for Pirates?

Background: WizKids owned the BattleTech and Shadowrun properties, and licenced both IPs to Catalyst. Once Topps shut WK down, Catalyst made an offer to buy the WK properties (including HeroClix, Pirates, BattleTech and Shodowrun) from Topps. This would be good for Catalyst, since they would not have to pay license fees to Topps anymore.

Now, with the sale of those 2 IPs removed, the real question becomes “Is Catalyst still interested in the remaining WizKids properties?” They are still going to have to pay license fees to Topps for their BattleTech and Shadowrun lines. But, the HeorClix IP is probably the most lucritive of the bunch, so Catalyst still might be interested in purchasing the remaining properties.

What does this mean for Pirates? Well, Catalyst still might buy the remaining WizKid IPs, in which case, we might see more Pirates development in the future, either from them or from a Catalyst/Pinata alliance.

Alternately, Catalyst might just buy the properity or properties that they are interested in, which in this case is probably HeroClix. In that case, it’s hard to say what would happen to Pirates.

For now, we just need to hold tight, keep playing the game, and keep buying packs. I have heard rumors that the “Ship in a Bottle” boxes have already been printed and packaged, and are waiting in a warehouse for distribution. If the Pirates players can show Topps that there is a demand for more Pirates stuff, then it is more likely that Topps or another company will step foreward and do something with the propery.