After skipping 3 weeks because of scheduling and the holidays, and canceling 2 weeks due to weather, we will finally be back this week with this Big Freeze scenario:

This will be a standard, 40pt, multi-round tournament. Players can bring a 40pt fleet, using pieces from any nationality or set, along with 8 gold coins worth 15 gold. Events and Unique Treasures are allowed. There will be one special rule: each time a ship or crew is given an action, roll a d6. On a 5 or 6, 2 Iceberg terrain pieces are placed anywhere in the play area, but not closer than L from any ship, terrain or island.

The winners of the night will be the player with the most total gold after all rounds, and the player who knocked off the most masts/sank the most ships.

I hope to post event results on Friday.