March 4, 7pm at the Soldiery

This will be a multi-player game. Players can bring a 40pt fleets built from any combination of sets and nationalities. Players will also need to bring 8 gold coins worth 15 gold (UTs allowed). Events are PROHIBITED. Each player will draw one “Secret Mission” card, which will have 2 possible missions. Players are allowed one re-draw if they are unsatisfied with their missions. Players then have 15 minutes to adjust their fleet to complete one or both of their missions. The missions are to be kept secret. The game ends when a player completes one or both of the missions on their mission card.
The winner of this event will receive a special prize: a Raptor Maw card.
Participation prizes will be awarded.

Possible missions are:

  • Gather 16 gold on your Home Island.
  • Gather 5 unique treasures on your ships or Home Island.
  • Sink 4 opponent ships.
  • Destroy 10 masts of opponent ships.
  • Steal gold coins from at least half of the Home Islands in play.
  • Capture 3 opposing ships.
  • Explore at least half of the Wild Islands in play.
  • Set fire to at least 4 opponent ships, or have 2 opponent ships burning at the same time.
  • Steal at least 6 gold coins by boarding opponent’s ships.