It’s been nearly 3 months since Topps shut down WizKids and discontinued all of it’s game lines, including Pirates. I know a lot of players have given up on the game continuing, and have moved on. But, there might be some hope for us hard-core players who have stuck with the game.

On Saturday, an interesting post went up on the website. Mainly, the post explained that the Heroclix line was going to be sold soon to a new company, but here’s the interesting part for Pirates players:

#3 In addition to HeroClix, the new group is buying some other brands from Topps, and other WizKids’ fans may be delighted to hear what the new group wants to do with them.

Savage Shores logoHopefully, this means that this new company is going to buy the Pirates line (or at least license it from Topps), and continue the game where it left off. From what I have heard, the work has already been done on Return to Savage Shores, so it’d be nice to see that set released.

Then again, this announcement might mean that someone is buying up the Battletech and Shadowrun properties, and Pirates is still in limbo. But, it sounds like a real announcement is going to be made in a matter of weeks, so stay tuned!