Last week’s Pirates game went very well. There were 3 players, lots of Sea Monsters, and lots of fun!

The scenario was:Cannons, Cannons, and More Cannons! Or: Blow it up, burn it down, kill it, grill it.


  1. Point build = unlimited; max # of ships / creatures / ships+flotillas per person = 4. Note: Ship + flotilla = one unit.
  2. All ships, sea monsters, titans, and sea dragons automatically gain the Captain ability which cannot be eliminated unless it sinks (ability can be cancelled). This includes both types of dragon attacks.
  3. No gold.
  4. WINNER = player who eliminates / shoots off the most masts. Sinking counts as one additional mast
  5. This multiplayer event lasts 90 minutes or until 9pm, whichever comes first.
  6. Underwater fights are encouraged. If it swims or can submerge it can fight anywhere.
  7. Marines gain the keyword “anti-aircraft gunner” thus they may shoot at airborne dragons regardless of height as soon as the dragon comes into S range regardless of whose turn it is.
  8. All types of creatures can repair by eating any crew member. A ship can be boarded by the creature to steal a meal or a friendly ship can be explored to offer one. Burp ‘n’ repair. One complete (all parts restored) repair per crew member consumed.
  9. No extra or double actions under any circumstances, i.e., no Calico Cat, Lord Mycron, sac captains, etc.

Because of a busy schedule, I had not had much time to build a fleet for this event, so I went with an all monster fleet. The fleet consisted of Angelica, Shal-Bala, Terrox and Beastie.

With only 3 players playing, we decided to use my new playmat, which worked out really well. The 3′x3′ area was small enough that it forced us to fight each other (which was the point of the scenario), but still gave us some room to maneuver.

During the course of the game, I was able to surround another player’s Double Catamaran with Beastie, after attackign it with Shal-Bala, and was eventually able to sink it, although it took several turns. I also surrounded another players Floatilla (represented by a duckie) with Terrox, but was cancelled from attacking (cancelled the Kraken keyword), and eventually got sunk. Luckily, Terrox is Eternal, but I was not able to repair the Kraken enough to get him back into play.

Overall, we had lots of fun, even though we forgot to keep score and there was no clear winner.